Church History

Historical Highlights of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

St. Paul Lutheran congregation was organized on July 26, 1903, by a group of German farmers who lived in the area. The first acre of land for our congregation was purchased in August 1903 for $500, and it was decided to build a church with a vestry for a classroom, as well as a parsonage. Our first pastor was Rev. A.H. Lange, who also served as teacher until 1914. All church services were conducted in German until an English service was added in 1922. Voters meeting minutes were published in German until 1937, when they were begun in English. The last German Services were conducted in 1957.

Over the years there have been four different buildings for St. Paul Lutheran School. A fire destroyed the school auditorium in 1939, and on January 5, 1959, as temperatures reached a low of -13 degrees, the entire St. Paul Lutheran School burned to the ground. On June 12, 1960, our current school building was dedicated, and had many improvements and modernizations over the years. Special services and ceremonies in August 2002, marked the beginning of St. Paul Lutheran School's 100th year of bringing Christian education to the children of our congregation and community. As of July 1, 2023, the school was closed.

Rev. Walter E. Ruehrdanz led St. Paul for the longest period of time - 33 years - from 1957 to 1990. Services were held in the old, original wooden church until November 16, 1969. Demolition of the old church then took place, with construction of the new building beginning immediately. Our current church was dedicated to the glory of God on January 10, 1971.


Pastors of St. Paul 1903 - 2023

Pastor August H. Lange



Pastor Herman C. Schoenbeck



Pastor Paul W. Roehrs



Pastor Albert H. Zimmer



Pastor Walter E. Ruehrdanz



Pastor Walter P. Schoenfuhs, Jr.



Pastor David Bass



Pastor Daniel Teller



Pastor Todd Roberts